Nitroglycerine 2.6 mg Tablets

Netkiv 2.6 Tablets



Nitroglycerine 2.6 mg Tablets – Nitroglycerin is the salt in Netkiv 2.6 Tablet CR, which is used to treat and prevent heart-related chest discomfort (angina). Angina is caused by a lack of blood supply to the heart muscle. This medication relaxes and widens blood arteries, allowing blood to flow more freely to the heart.

Nitroglycerine 2.6 mg Tablets should be taken according to your doctor’s instructions for dosage and duration. It can be taken with or without food and should be taken at the same time every day. Consume no more than the suggested dose, as this could be damaging to your health. Over time, you may acquire resistance to this treatment, which indicates that the same dose will be ineffective.

Benefits of Nitroglycerine 2.6 mg Tablets 

Angina can be prevented and treated with the help of Nitroglycerine Tablets  Angina is a type of chest pain caused by a constriction of the blood arteries supplying your heart. This indicates that your heart isn’t getting enough oxygen. Nitroglycerine Tablets relax the muscles and blood vessels in your heart quickly, allowing more blood (and oxygen) to reach your heart. Angina pain and discomfort are reduced as a result.

Side Effects 

As your body adjusts to this drug, you may have headaches, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, and flushing. Tell your doctor or pharmacist right away if any of these side effects persist or worsen.

Nitroglycerine 2.6 mg Tablets

Pack Size

Bottle 30 Tablets


Nitroglycerine 2.6 mg Tablets

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