S.No. Brand Name Composition Image Pack Size MRP
Azbil 10X6 Blister 570
Azbil 10X3 Blister 560
Cefbyte 10X10 Alu-Alu 1200
Cefbyte 10X10 Alu-Alu 2000
Leagoryl-500 Tabs 10X5 Blister 423
Medibyte 10X10 Alu-Alu 2100
Medibyte CV 325 Tabs 10*6 Alu-Alu 2280
Obnetic-200 Tabs 10X10 Alu-Alu 450
Obnetic-OZ Tabs 750
Zunimox 10X6 Strip 1560
Cefbyte 43
Medibyte-50 Dry Syrup 62
Medibyte-100 Dry Syrup 125
Medibyte-CV Dry Syrup 95
Zunimox-CV 57
Uzi-Q 250 Inj 25.5
Uziq-500 Inj 45.8
Uzi-Q 1gm 55
Uzi-Q 375 Inj 52
Uzi-Q 1.5gm 130
Uziq-T 1.125 160
Cefbyte-O Dry Syrup 90
Mero Byte (Injcetion) 3600
Ilizip-C 95
Momuxi 70
Momuxi-K 80
Faropenem 200mg Tablet

Pharma Franchise for Antibiotic Range

Pharma Franchise for Antibiotic Range – Antibiotic being and effective medicine which cure the bacterial infection in little time are in high demand. According to the Economic Times report which was published in 2018, antibiotic consumption increased by 103% from 2000 to 2015. That’s highest among average income countries. Demand is increasing and in India, pharmaceutical companies are capable to fulfill the demands. All they need pharma franchise for the antibiotic range to supply the products to locals. Medibyte is providing the opportunity to start your own franchise business in antibiotics and secure your career with a stable business model.

Antibiotic Products at Medibyte

Medibyte has always been able to produce the best quality range of Antibiotic products which are prescribed by healthcare professionals in many cases like skin infections, ear infections, infections to the bladder, strep throat, intestinal infections, etc. The products are manufactured under the eyes of experts and they are continuously monitored to maintain the high standards. These antibiotics are available in different forms like tablets, syrups, dry syrups and injections. Some of the brand products with usage are mentioned below:

  • Cefpodoxime – Tablets/Syrup (MEDIBYTE-200 DT/MEDIBYTE-50[100] Dry syrup): It is a cephalosporin antibiotic which is used to treat bacterial infections. This medication is used only to treat bacterial infections like skin infections, ear infections, Urinary tract infections, and respiratory infections.
  • Cefpodoxime + Clavulanic Acid – Tablet/Dry Syrup(MEDIBYTE-CV/MEDIBYTE CV 325): Clavulanic acid enhances the bacteria-fighting ability of cefpodoxime. Else, the functions of the product are the same as above.
  • Ofloxacin (OBNETIC-200): The class of Ofloxacin is quinolone antibiotics. It also used to counter bacterial infections like pneumonia, infections to bladder, skin, reproductive organs, and prostate. These medicines are not effective against viral infections. The company also produces OBNETIC-OZ which has further addition of Ornidazole, antibiotic used to treat protozoan infections.
  • Ceftriaxone (UZIQ-1 gm/UZIQ-250): They are the products that come as injections. Ceftriaxone is a general range of product, used as an antibiotic. The company also produces a variety of ceftriaxone drugs by adding Sulbactam (UZIQ-S 1.5/UZIQ-S 375) and Tazobactam (UZIQ-T). Sulbactam and Tazobactam counter β-lactamase which are produced by the body to destroy the antibiotic.
  • Azithromycin (AZBIL-250 / AZBIL-500): It is prescribed to cure bacterial problems like pneumonia, middle ear infections, strep throat, traveler’s diarrhea, and intestinal infections
  • Levofloxacin (LEAFORYL – 500): it is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic used to fight urinary tract infections, acute bacterial sinusitis, chronic prostatitis, pneumonia, and gastroenteritis.

High-Quality Standards Followed By Us

For the production of an antibiotic range, we follow all the international quality standards set by the Indian pharma association. The company has a separate quality department to examine the complete production process. The vast warehousing facility is maintained to store the antibiotic products in bulk quantity. We make sure that the eco-friendly environment is maintained at our premises.

The following quality assurance measures are carried down by us:

  • Accurate Composition
  • Effectiveness
  • Reliability
  • Compliance
  • Safety and Purity

Join Medibyte for Antibiotic Franchise Range

Medibyte provides services in PCD Pharma Franchise. We have the best business offers for our franchise partners. We always take care of the franchise partners and make sure the partnership always goes on smooth and for a longer period of time. The company provides the best products in the market, which have made a special space among pharma products. The reasons to start PCD Pharma Franchise with us are:

  • Certifications: The Medibyte is certified by an international organization like WHO, GMP, ISO and national organizations like FSSAI.
  • Approvals: Our products are DCGI approved. We always make sure that the products are approved and follow every norm laid by the government of India.
  • Monopoly Rights: We provide franchise partners with a monopoly right to do business over a big region.
  • Packaging/Delivery of Products: We provide the best packaging to the products. As the product is moved via different modes of transport, they are always prone to damage. We make sure that no damage comes to products. Also, the delivery of the products is always timely.

Medibyte has always been the best company, the professionals and experts of our company will make sure we always remain so. This is the best time to start the PCD franchise in Antibiotics, and Medibyte is providing the opportunity. Come, join us.