Liquids Oral

S.No. Brand Name Composition Image Pack Size MRP
Advocal 200ml 70
Fedso 110
Galduf 70
Galduf 95
Hocain-O 125
Justkof-LS 100ml 85
Lyomil 150
Lelozyme 85
Macito 50
Tufrid 100ml 75
Tufrid-D 100ml 85
Uzikast-M 60ml 70
Vittreat 200ml 85
Vittreat Drops 15ml 50
Livgear-T 85
Uverine-L 200ml 80
Justkof-Tulsi 69
LivGear 95

PCD Franchise in Liquids Oral

Liquids Oral for PCD Franchise – Medibyte offers PCD Pharma franchise in liquids oral products. Any investors, distributors, and individual who wants to pursue pharmaceutical sector as his career domain can avail franchise. We offer some of the best products in liquid orals which have impacted many customers by curing them of the array of health problems. We have a bracket full of Syrup, Oral Suspension, Oral Solution, Oral Drop, Oral Emulsion, Mixture, etc. As per about the company, we were established in 2007, in Chandigarh under the leadership of Dr. Ram Kumar Sareen, who has a lot of experience in the pharma sector. We research, innovate and never step back in investing in the process of creating new. We have currently around 300+ products. Being a company driven by customers feedback, we have thrived toward the expertise in almost all the domains we deal in.

To contact us call us at +91 7696430077 or  +91 9216557057. You can even reach us by emailing at

Scope of Liquids Oral Franchise

Liquids being easy to consume are always in high demand, especially when it comes to children. As children are a bit reluctant to capsule or tablet form of dosage, doctors always prescribe liquids to them. Also, people of old age who have difficulty in eating also prefer liquids. As of the current situation, the population of both categories is increasing every day. Demand is high, so supply should also be high. PCD franchise has the opportunity to grab this opportunity and make a bright career in this sector. PCD franchise has the ability to market the product much better way then the company itself as they are much familiar with the scenario in their territory, and they have connections with local hospitals and doctors.

Qualitative Features of Our Pharma Syrup Range 

Medibyte has put the vigorous effort in developing the best products. Over the years we have been successful in formulating products which are good in worth, quality, potential, safety, price, and durability. Demand is always high for our liquids oral. The ease of consumption of the liquids oral is what makes it demanding especially among children and old age people. Features of our company are:

  • GMP-WHO certified manufacturing units. We are among the best liquids oral manufacturer and supplier in PAN India.
  • Quality packaging technique. The products are tightly packed and safeguard products from damages.
  • Hygienic and sterilized containers for storing liquid.
  • Quality raw ingredients. We always check the standards of raw products so that the composition of each finalized drug is up to standard and free from any impurity.
  • Wide network of distributors and wholesalers. We are already established a number of franchise partners in PAN India, and they are basically fuel of our company.
  • DCGI approved drugs. Our drugs are DCGI certified and processed under (IMA) Indian Medical Association.

Medibyte ‘Best Liquids Oral Franchise Pharma Company

Whenever someone wants to start liquids oral pharma franchise business, Medibyte has always been the priority of distributors. If vacancy not available, then only they move toward other franchise company, but we have always been the first choice. Medibyte has a vast range of liquid oral medicines, which are affordable, effective and durable. With excellent packaging and standard products, we are recognized as a reputed brand in the market. You will enjoy best business offerings, with bright and prospering future as PCD Pharma franchise owner. Some benefits we provide to our partners are:

  • Promotional tools, promotional gift as complimentary from the company.
  • Sales targets will be quite achievable.
  • Investment plans relatively minimum, though it depends on location.
  • Punctual delivery of products.
  • You will enjoy the best possible profit margin.

If you are looking to do business with the renowned company in liquids oral, we are here for you. We will together touch the peak and shall thrive forward for the mutual benefits. You can reach out to us by any mean mentioned below.