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Gynae PCD Franchise Company - Women healthcare is a growing healthcare segment of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The demand for gynecology, infertility and sexual wellness medicines has increased. Medibyte is a leading Pharma Company to provide you Gynecology Medicine for Women related disease. We have focused on bringing the best quality Gynae range to cure diverse ailments like breast cancer, menopause, infertility, irregular menstrual cycle, hormonal imbalance, vaginal infection, STDs, etc. All the products are certified under WHO and WHO with approval from DCGI. Best quality raw material, trusted manufacturing procedures, effective composition, and varied parameters have been applied for a defect-free and effect medicinal solution. The drug formulations cover different segments like anti-infectives, hormone replacement therapy drugs, abortion pills, antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-fungal medicines, oncology medicines, etc. So if you looking to start Gynae PCD Franchise business then we are the best option for you. We are one of the top Gynae PCD Company in India. We provide pan India level Gynae products franchise at pan India level. There is the number of pharma distributors is associated with us for Gyane Range. So we are the best Gynae PCD Franchise Company in India. Choose from the best gyne range for pan India level Franchise business opportunity.

Find the Best Quality of Gynae Range With Full Details

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Best Gynae PCD Franchise Company in India – Medibyte

Invest in quality drug formulations for women healthcare and infertility drugs that are made under strict GMP and WHO standards. Medibyte is a trusted Gynae Pharma Company to engage in manufacturing, supplying, trading, and marketing world-class and effective hormone replacement therapy drugs, oncology medicines, anti-infective, abortion pills, antibacterial medicine, antibiotic products, anti-fungal medicines etc. These cover pharma tablets, capsules, sofgtels, uterine tonics, vaginal wash, pills etc. Our products are approved by DCGI and have been manufactured under the guidance of experts. You can trust our medicine for features like efficacy, durability, safety and fine quality.  We invite people looking for PCD pharma franchise in gynaecology range in India. Our business associates get to enjoy varied benefits:
  • Our company has wide network of working professionals across India.
  • Our products are recommended by doctors and physicians.
  • Widest network of logistic partners that assure you quick delivery.
  • Own manufacturing with vast production capacity.
  • We frequently launch new gynecology and infertility medicines.
  • Dedicated staff
  • 200+ associates of pharma franchise across nation.
  • 24x7 at your service
  • Latest marketing techniques to boost your business with Medibyte in long term.

Gynae Range for Pharma Franchise Pan India

Demand for gynaecology drugs has increased over time and this is the right time to invest in quality healthcare medicines. Medibyte's Top Gynae Range Pharma Company brings you a range of quality gynae range for the pharma franchise on a monopoly basis. We specialize in various drug solutions for women's healthcare and sexual wellness. Our company utilizes the best GMP and WHO internationally accepted manufacturing standards for development, production, and packaging purposes. Each dosage unit is produced under the guidance of experts. We are a trusted company recommended by gynaecologists pan India. The products list consists of hormone medication, antibiotics, anti-bacterial medicines, multivitamins, Folic acid products, uterine tonics, etc.  All the products are DCGI approved and manufacture under certified units.  Those looking to expand their business or become an entrepreneur via PCD franchise, you can call us at +91-9216557057 for details.

Gynaecology Drugs Range Offered at Medibyte

Women healthcare medicines are witnessing great awareness. People are investing more in such drugs to keep their bodies fit and fertile. Medibyte offers quality high-end solutions available in Capsules/Softgels, Pharma Tablets, Injectables, and Ayurvedic Tonics. Each and every product is developed, manufactured, and produced under internationally accepted healthcare guidance. We have ensured that our experts bring the best gynecology franchise, division.
  1. Natural Micronized Progesterone: It used in hormone replacement therapy used to treat infertility in females who are facing difficultly in producing progesterone, a natural hormone. It is essential to have this hormone to have ease in maintaining pregnancy. This medicine also helps in preparing the lining of the womb to receive a fertilized egg. The use will restore menstrual circle especially those through irregular periods after several month gaps.
  2. Evening Primrose Oil B.P Softgels: This medicine is helpful in cases of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), reduced hot flashes, menopause, high blood pressure, heart health, etc. The presence of omega-6 fatty acids and prostaglandins helps regulate and balance hormone levels in the body substantially calming inflammation.
  3. Hydroxyprogesterone: This injection is a female progestin hormone medicine used to prevent preterm birth (early birth, less than 37 weeks of pregnancy). Not effective in cases of premature labor start, pregnancy with twins, triplets etc. This is also used to females facing advanced uterine cancer, amenorrhea (lack of menstruation) and imbalance of the hormones causing abnormal bleeding.
  4. Doxycycline 100mg + LAB 100 million Spores Capsules: It is an antibiotic that prevents the growth of bacteria in the body. This treats bacterial infection caused by sexually transmitted diseases, urinary tract infection, skin infection, etc. It is not recommended for pregnant women.
  5. Clindamycin Clotrimazole Capsules: A combination of anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal drugs, this is used to treat vaginal yeast/fungal infection causing vaginal burning, itching, and discharge.
  6. Combo kit Of Fluconazole + Azithromycin + Secnidazole: It is used to treat Syndromic treatment of vaginal discharge, Urethra infection, intestinal amoebiases, respiratory tract infections, etc. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  7. Isoxsuprine: A beta-adrenergic, this medicine helps relax smooth muscles of uterine and treats pre-term labor and dysmenorrhea. Belonging to Vasodilator drug class, they help relax arteries and veins allowing them easy circulation of blood.
  8. Letrozole: It is an aromatase-inhibitor and anti-estrogen drug used by women having breast cancer to treat postmenopausal. Those experiencing hormonally-responsive cancer after surgery are recommended Letrozole. Under this, the cancer patient experiences growth of cancer due to estrogens circulated in blood with the adrenal glands being the main source.
  9. Allylestrenol: A progestin medicine, it is recommended to pregnant women facing premature labor, recurrent and threatened miscarriage and maintains pregnancy, being safe for mother and child except in cases of placental dysfunction.
  10. Medroxyprogesterone: This medicine help regulate the menstrual cycle by regulating ovulation (release of the egg from an ovary) on a monthly basis. It is also used to treat absent/irregular menstrual periods and abnormal uterine bleeding. This used in estrogen replacement therapy which helps in the reduction of uterus cancer.
  11. Norethisterone: It is a progestin, or a synthetic progestogen, used as birth control pills, menopausal hormone therapy, stops uterine bleeding (Dysfunctional uterine bleeding), Menorrhagia, Metropathia, etc.

Quality Assurance for Gynecology Medicine

Medibyte provides its own manufacturing under GMP and WHO. The units are set-up according to Schedule M having modern equipments and machines. With vast production capacity, we’re able to provide our customers with high quality, durable, effective and reliable drugs to treat issues like infertility, unwanted pregnancy, vaginal infections, cancer etc. All the drug formulations go under strict QA/QC monitoring by professionals with years of experience. Small batches are kept to ensure that each medicine provides equal and quality results to the consumer. Attractive and effective packaging techniques are used like blister, ALU-ALU, bottles etc. They are tested under different conditions to ensure that the drug doesn’t loosen its affectivity. You can be sure about the gynecology products offered here.

Scope of Gyne Range in PCD Franchise Business

According to the recent survey "The Indian gynecological market is approximately $ 9.269 million. The industry is growing at a combined rate of about 8.1% per year. Thus, the size of the Indian gynecological market is estimated to reach $ 16,107 million by 2023".  So the demand for the Gynae range has been increasing the past few years. Gynecology drugs are used to treat ailments related to the female reproductive system and sexual healthcare in men and women. Over the course of time, increasing infertility rate has lead to a rise in personal problems like irregular menstrual cycle, hot flushes, problems in conceiving, problems in delivering healthy baby, vaginal problems, etc. The gyne drug market is rising at a rapid of 5.6 percent CAGR with contribution from Breast cancer and urinary cancer patients. The demand for gynecologists in India speaks of the huge number of patients requiring quality medicine. So if you are planing if invent in the PCD pharma franchise business then choose Gynae range which is highly demanded than the other pharma product categories.  for is best Investing in genuine DCGI gyne products is a smart choice for the following reasons:
  • Gynae Range has the major Contribution in Growth of the Indian Pharma section in the term of Pharma export. 
  • Gynae Range is the most Demanding range than other Pharma products rang for PCD Pharma Franchise.
  • Start own venture at a genuine price range with support for a leading company, Medibyte.
  • Exclusive rights provide you a monopoly to sold medicine in a particular region. Thus, you cut direct competition.
  • Earn good money. Stable income Is the biggest benefit of the PCD pharma franchise and gyne is the best segment. 
  • Growing demand for women healthcare drugs. 
  • Introduction of Innovative drugs makes solutions accessible to all.

Why Choose Medibyte for Gynae Medicine Franchise?

Dealing with the best in the market helps you get the best! Medibyte is a dedicated Pharma Company which has over 200+ associates in India. We welcome all those who seriously want to start their own franchise business near you. Vacancies are open pan nation like Assam, Haryana, Jammu, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Sikkim, etc. Vast space is provided to each of our members where they'll be the sole distributor/wholesaler/stockists. Gynaecology medicine of our company is greatly in-demand and you could earn a great deal of business. Our constant effort is to provide a great platform to our associates they can earn a great income and stability in the future. Known to be amongst the leading gynaecology products companies in India, Medibyte offers the following benefits to its associates:
  • Monopoly based Pharma Franchise Business Opportunity.
  • Best Rates in the Market.
  • Better ROI and Profit Margin.
  • Best Deals for Stockists.
  • Quick Delivery
  • Genuine Investments Deals.
  • Stable Revenue
  • Quality DCGI Approved Range.
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