S.No. Brand Name Composition Image Pack Size MRP
Lyrical Tabs 10X10 Blister 450
Rebotryp-D 10X10 Blister 2200
Advocal 10x1x4 SoftGel 31
Advocal K 2500
Advocal 200ml 70
Bildkart 1650
Orthobolt 50ml 85
Restofenac 87

Orthopedic Range for Pharma Franchise

Orthopedic Range for Pharma Franchise – Orthopedic range of medicines treats problems in bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Though these problems occur mostly on elderly people, it isn’t necessary that only they will suffer from this. These problems may occur to young and middle-aged people too. The orthopedic range apart from general problems is used in case of bone fractures, torn ligaments, osteoarthritis, Paget’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis. There are many companies invested in products related to the ortho range. Medibyte is one of the companies which has continuously invested in the ortho range. We provide Orthopedic Range for Pharma Franchise, and because of these franchises, we have been able to capture a large share of the market.

Orthopedic products not only help you during the treatment period but will also help you in getting back to normal life. The problem with ortho diseases is that they come back if not taken care of properly. The demand is high. It is a good time to start the orthopedic range for Pharma Franchise.

OrthopedicProducts at Medibyte

Medibyte helps customers in getting up the products which will not only help them in treating the diseases but also helps in eradicating it from the roots. The customer feedback has been brilliant. We provide different products which have proved themselves in case of bone-strengthening, normal pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc. The products are listed below.

  • ADVOCAL (Calcium Carbonate + Vit-D3 + Zinc + Magnesium Suspension): Chances of fracture are decreased & promote overall muscular ability. Vitamin D3 helps in absorbing calcium to the bones. Calcium Carbonate is what provides the calcium. The product has proved itself in the case of bone-strengthening. The product is also available with the composition of different drugs, like
    ADVOCAL-6L (Cholecalciferol)
    ADVOCAL – C (Calcium Carbonate 200 mg + Calcitriol 0.25 mcg + Zinc 7.5mg)
    ADVOCAL-K (Calcitriol .025mcg + Calcium Carbonate 500 mg + Folic Acid 1.5 mg + Vitamin K2-7)
  • BILDKART (Diacerein + Glucosamine + MSM): The medicine helps in treating degenerative diseases of the bones and joints. They are prescribed in case of arthritis and osteoarthritis. Diacerein belongs to the class of anthraquinone.
  • LYRICAL (Calcium Citrate + Vit-D3 + Zinc + Magnesium): The medicine is different from above mentioned AVOCAL by one drug i.e. Calcium Citrate. It is used to treat low blood calcium levels.
  • ORTHOBOLT (Pain Oil): It is a general product applied to the joints or the body part where the patient is experiencing pain.
  • REBOTRYP-D (Rutoside + Bromelain +Trypsin + Diclofenac): The product is used in case of a haematoma, oedema, hysterectomy, episiotomies, fractures, and muscle injuries. Rutoside reduces swelling and treats osteoarthritis. Bromelain does the same. Trypsin is an enzyme that assists digestion. Diclofenac relieves pain.
  • RESTOFENAC (Diclofenac Gel): Diclofenac is NSAID which treats pain, swelling, and joint stiffness made by arthritis. It helps you to do your day to day activities.

Quality Ortho Range Available!

At Medibyte, you’ll be offered a high-end solution for ortho drug formulations. Our company has always come up with better strategies and techniques to develop, produce and package medicines. We have followed strict good manufacturing practices. Our quality control (QC) processes cover wide procedures that help us provide effective, pure, safe and durable medicines. Our experts are skilled in formulating ortho products that will help you provide complete relief from joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscle pain.

Why Choose Medibyte for Orthopaedic Range Franchise?

The above products we mentioned above have established themselves in the market. They are preferred by healthcare professionals while recommending. Medibyte has a history since 2007 of producing a product which is brilliant in quality and effectiveness. We have already established many franchises across India, and they are in good shape till their establishment year. The reasons to choose us are:

  • Medibyte has a long list of quality DCGI Approved Products.
  • With our own Schedule M rating WHO: GMP certifications, we have state of the manufacturing units.
  • We use the latest technology to package the products. The packaging not only safeguards the product from any harm but also promote branding by attractive packaging.
  • We do a quality check of the raw products before the process and final quality check after the process. Only then the products are dispatched. Our strict measures have resulted in the manufacturing of top quality products.
  • Free promotional tools are provided to the franchise partners. Also, the company also supports the marketing for franchise partners.

The orthopedic range is a great segment to do the franchise business. The demand is high, the business domain is evergreen. Start your PCD Franchise with Medibyte, the best in the business. Reach out to us at the given details below.