S.No. Brand Name Composition Image Pack Size MRP
Advocal 10x1x4 SoftGel 31
Advocal K 2500
Alup-DSR 900
Alup-L Caps 1600
Fedso-C Caps 675
Ilizip-100 Caps 400
Ilizip-200 Caps 800
Lyomil 950
Ormium-20 Caps 20x15 Strip 330
Ormium-D Caps 430
Panhold-DSR Caps 800
Uverine-A Caps 10X10 Alu-Alu 1300
Uverine 1200
Olqtan 5500
Vittreat-4G Caps 1900
Picsbiotic Caps 920
Orthobolt 50ml 85
Iptozol 3900
Qnclin 2575
QndQ-10 5000
Dovklik LB 10X10 Blister 700
Orthobolt Trio Tablet 3000

Capsule Range for Pharma Franchise – Medibyte brings you some of the best range of capsules that cover softgels and caplets. We have covered different ranges like dermatology, orthopaedic, neuro-psychiatric medicines, multivitamins, dietary supplements etc. We ensure high-quality capsules range for pharma franchise are being offered to you. Our company invites people all across India who want to start their own business and earn good money. The features of our capsules range include:

  • Efficient Technique of encapsulation Used
  • GMP and WHO methods
  • Schedule M units
  • Effective QA/QC
  • International Guidelines Followed
  • Best Rates for Every Range etc.

Why Choose Capsules Range Franchise in India?

The pharmaceutical industry brings you a huge variety of drug forms available like tablets, syrups, injections, sachets, etc. One of the most significant inventions in the field of pharmaceutical was the introduction of capsules. Capsules are a solid dosage form in which the drug is enclosed in a hard or soft soluble container, usually of a form of gelatin. India has great demand when it comes to medicine. With the introduction of capsules, a lot of people are able to easily consume the chemicals which were hard when they were using tablets. Hence capsules occupy a given place in the market. There has been an uprising in the demand for capsules due to their features among the Indians.

The capsule market is expected to reach from USD 1.95 billion in 2018 to USD 2.75 billion in 2023. Low manufacturing cost is involved in the manufacturing of capsules, making it a good opportunity for many. So, if you are looking for fine quality capsule range for pharma franchise then Medibyte is the one for you. We are offering a wide range of 300+ pharmaceutical drug formulations in general for curing various ailments. We provide customer-oriented service at hand.

Medibyte – Best Pharmaceutical Company for Capsule Franchise

Medibyte is a leading name in the pharmaceutical industry which is well- known among various professionals. We are a customer-oriented company which holds the certification of an ISO certified company. We offer several formulations in the form of capsules that are manufactured within the WHO-GMP systems and fulfil the quality demand of the present day. Our company is associated with several people who are covering India in all locations helping in reaching out to several masses. The following features are offered by the company.

  • Cost-efficient techniques
  • Ethical behaviour
  • A huge network of distribution
  • Pharma experts handle all the decisions
  • Tax Benefit
  • 300+ range

Capsule Range Covered by Medibyte

Medibyte is a leading name in the field of the pharmaceutical industry offering a broad spectrum of capsules. All the capsules are manufactured under the best conditions considering GMP and WHO manufacturing units and have been approved by the DCGI systems. We make sure that people are treated with the utmost care and concern in every regard. Our range covers the following segments that are available:

  • Co-Enzyme with Multivitamin
  • Antibiotic
  • Dermatology
  • Pain Killer Medicines
  • Gastroenterology medicines
  • Hematinic
  • Anti-Allergic
  • Multivitamin
  • Neurology and Psychiatry Range
  • Orthopaedic etc

Perks of Bring a Capsule PCD Franchise Associate With Us

Medibyte is a leading name when it comes to providing pharma franchise venture and helps earn a stable income throughout. Several benefits come along with the pharma franchise opportunity. If you are willing to take up the opportunity then you can eventually start your venture and enjoy the freedom of being your boss. Few benefits are listed below that are provided by Medibyte to the franchise holders.

  • Unique monopoly rights
  • Attractive promotional tools
  • Marketing updates
  • Deals for stockiest
  • Genuine investment plans
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • Best profit margin
  • Future growth aspect
  • Prompt Delivery

Why Wait! Join Now.

We are supported by vast partnership support from all over India. To provide the best support to our franchise holder, we are backed by logistic partners. Apart from the profits that are company provides we are completely involved in bringing the best quality for the masse as well as the environment. All our products are highly effective and good for use. If you wish to know more you connect anytime.