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:DOXYCYCLINE+LACTIC ACID BACILLUS is a subgroup of antibiotics medications and it helps in healing the human body which is suffering from some particular bacterial infections, some of the bacterial infections that it helps in treatment are eye infections, urinary tract infections, intestinal infections, respiratory infections, gum infections and some sexually transmitted (like Gonorrhea, syphilis). One of the qualities of the medicine is that it also prevents diarrhea which may occur as a side effect of this medicine. The dosage of this antibiotic should be taken on the basis of doctors’ recommendations as it varies from person to person. It can be taken with or without food but the timing of taking it should be fixed as it helps in getting the intended result. But one thing about this medicine is that it does not work against the viruses like cold and flu.

This antibiotic contains Doxycycline and Lactic acid bacillus. Doxycycline prevents the fusion of vital proteins which are mandatory for the survival of the bacteria which in turn kills the bacteria and lactic acid bacillus helps to put back the good bacteria in the gut, which may have gotten upset due to infections or antibiotic usage. So both of them help in treating bacterial infections. In rare cases, a person might experience some minor side- effects like nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. However these side effects are short-term and get recovered with time but if they persist for a long time, it is advised to visit the doctor.

It is mandatory to tell your doctor whether you are taking any medicines for some health condition that you are suffering from because it might lead to a reaction to this antibiotic. Pregnant women should also consult with their doctor before taking it. You should be fully cautious when you are going for a drive after taking this medicine, as it may cause dizziness. An ample amount of rest should also be considered as it will help in faster recovery combined with a healthy diet and intake of plenty of water.


Helps in the treatment of bacterial infections.


1)Do not consume DOXYCYCLINE+LACTIC ACID BACILLUS if you are allergic to any of its components and you should consult your doctor before taking it by yourself because it may cause antibiotic resistance in which antibiotics fail to act against specific bacterial infections. The doctor should be informed if you have myasthenia gravis (muscle weakness/tiredness), porphyria (genetic disease of blood pigments), or kidney or liver problems. The females who are pregnant and breastfeeding should also have a consultation with the doctor.

2) It may interact with anticoagulants (warfarin), antibiotics (rifampicin), anti-epileptics (carbamazepine, phenytoin, primidone), immunosuppressants, anti-cancer agents (methotrexate).

3)The doctors should be properly informed if you have any liver problems, oesophageal irritation, or colitis(inflammation in the lining of the colon).

4)If you are having kidney impairment or any concerns regarding this please consult your doctor.

5)If you have a liver impairment or any concerns regarding this please consult your doctor.

6) It might cause dizziness. Driving should be avoided if you are not conscious enough.

7)If you are breastfeeding please consult your doctor so that they can check you and tell you whether this medicine could be taken by you or not.

8)Consumption of alcohol should be avoided when you are taking DOXYCYCLINE+LACTIC ACID BACILLUS as it may affect the working of the medicine.


  4)Stomach pain

 Directions for Use

DOXYCYCLINE+LACTIC ACID BACILLUS should be taken with food to prevent stomach upset.DOXYCYCLINE+LACTIC ACID BACILLUS is supposed to be swallowed as a whole with water as it is not advised that it should be chewed or crushed.


Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.


Q. Can I take Doxyllion LB 100mg/5Billion spores Capsule with food if it’s causing stomach upset?

Yes, you can take Doxyllion LB 100mg/5Billion spores Capsule with food if it’s causing your stomach upset. However, avoid consuming milk and milk products 1 hr before and 2 hr after taking this medicine.

Q. Does DOXYCYCLINE+LACTIC ACID BACILLUS cause photosensitivity?

DOXYCYCLINE+LACTIC ACID BACILLUS contains doxycycline, which might make you sunburn more easily. Wear protective clothing, sunglasses, and sunscreen whilst going outside.

Q. Can I drink milk while taking Doxyllion LB 100mg/5Billion spores Capsule?

No, you should avoid using milk and milk products while taking Doxyllion LB 100mg/5Billion spores Capsule. Consuming dairy products along with Doxyllion LB 100mg/5Billion spores Capsule can decrease its absorption from the stomach, which may lead to the inadequate effect of this medicine.

Q. What should I avoid while taking DOXYCYCLINE+LACTIC ACID BACILLUS?

Avoid taking iron supplements, calcium supplements, multivitamins, laxatives or antacids along with   DOXYCYCLINE+LACTIC ACID BACILLUS. Maintain a gap of two hours between DOXYCYCLINE+LACTIC ACID BACILLUS and other medicines.

Q. What is the recommended storage condition for Doxyllion LB 100mg/5Billion spores Capsule?

Keep this medicine in the container or the pack it came in, tightly closed. Store it according to the instructions mentioned on the pack or label. Dispose of unused medicine. Make sure it is not consumed by pets, children, and other people.

Doxycycline 100mg + LAB 100 million Spores

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