Cyproterone 2mg + Ethinyl Estradiol .035mg Tablet

Evkin C

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Description Of Evkin C

 Evkin C is a blend of two hormonal drugs used to treat the signs and symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), including hirsutism (excessive hair growth), acne, and irregular periods. Avoid using any other contraceptive pills since it also functions as a contraceptive. In addition, it is used to treat women with hirsutism, or excessive facial and chest hair development. Ovaries are impacted by polycystic ovary syndrome, a disease. 

Cyproterone reduces symptoms including acne and undesirable facial hair development by inhibiting the male hormone androgen overproduction in the ovaries. Ethinylestradiol has enhanced properties. By lowering the level of androgens in the blood, it improves the effects of cyproterone. It controls the menstrual cycle as well. 

How to Use  Cyproterone 2mg + Ethinyl Estradiol .035mg Tablet

You can take this medicine with or without food. It will be easier for you to remember to take it if you take it at the same time each day. The dosage and length of treatment will depend on the condition you are trying to cure, but you should always follow your doctor’s instructions and finish the whole course of this medication. If your periods do not begin within a week of starting the medication, discontinue use and consult a doctor. Your doctor should also be aware of any other medications you are taking, as many of them may reduce the effectiveness of this medication or alter how it works. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, avoid taking medications.

Precautions of Cyproterone 2mg + Ethinyl Estradiol .035mg Tablet

If you have high blood pressure, trouble clotting blood, migraines, depression, obesity or being overweight, porphyria (an inherited blood disorder), diabetes, pancreatitis (pancreatic inflammation), high cholesterol, or chloasma (brown patches on the face and body), let your doctor know before taking this medication as it may make the aforementioned conditions worse. Check your breasts once a month for any changes; if you feel lumps or notice anything strange, please let your doctor know. Do not use this drug if you smoke, are obese, or have a history of blood clots. Please let your doctor know if you experience chest pain, an unusual or sudden cough, speech difficulties, abdomen pain, or shortness of breath.

Side effects of Cyproterone 2mg + Ethinyl Estradiol .035mg Tablet

Some common side effects of this medicine are:

  • Weight gain 
  • Nausea 
  • Tender breast 
  • Stomach pain
  • Headache 
  • Mood swings 

Cyproterone 2mg + Ethinyl Estradiol .035mg Tablet Manufacturer and Supplier 

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Cyproterone 2mg + Ethinyl Estradiol .035mg Tablet

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