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Cilnidipine 10mg Tablets – UZICIL-10 is used for treating hypertension, chest pain, heart attack, and stroke. When there is pressure on the artery walls then the problem of hypertension arises. Hypertension or high blood pressure affects the health of the person by causing heart problems including heart attack and stroke. The problem of hypertension makes the load on the heart as it becomes hard for the heart to pump blood. 

The composition of Cilnidipine Tablets makes the heart easier to pump blood and helps the person in curing hypertension or high blood pressure. The intake of tablets helps in reducing the risk of heart problems. Heart problems including heart attack, stroke, etc are cured with the help of this medication. Although the problem of blood pressure is a lifelong disease, the use of the tablet provides relief to the person. The person suffering from high blood pressure can normalize the blood pressure after the intake of this medication. 

Uses Of Cilnidipine Tablets

The medication provides relief to the person by curing the heart-related problems including hypertension, chest pain, etc. the chemical messengers which makes the heart harder to pump the blood are blocked and prevented. The pressure on the heart to pump the blood is reduced with the intake of the medication. The intake of the medication helps in improving the flow of blood. The blood easily flows through the body parts reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke, etc. 

Directions For Use

 Full advice of the doctor is to be followed. The person is advised to get himself medically checked, as the dose of the tablet is based on the medical reports. 

Side Effects 

After the intake of the composition of the tablet the person may or may not experience the side effects which are almost common. The person can experience the following side effects : 

  • Headache
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Nausea
  • Swollen ankles

Precautions To Be Taken

To avoid the adverse effects the person is advised to consider the following precautions ;

  • The person suffering from the liver disease is advised to consult the doctor as the dose of the medication is to be taken with caution
  • To get positive results the person is advised to monitor the blood pressure on a regular basis.
  • Along with the intake of the tablet, the person is advised not to take any other medication or drugs to avoid the interaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is the composition of Cilnidipine 10mg tablets a habit-forming medication?

No, the composition of the tablet is not a habit-forming medication. Still, the person is advised to take the use the medication as long as the doctor has prescribed it to avoid the negative effects. 

  • Are there any food interactions found while the intake of the tablet?

Although there are no food interactions found with medication, still if the person has any queries then he is advised to consult the doctor. 

Cilndipine 10mg Tablets

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