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Cefixime 200 mg + Lactic acid Bacillus Dispersible Tablets– The medicine combination CEFBYTE-200 DT, which treats bacterial infections, combines the two medications Cefixime and Lactobacillus. An antibiotic is called cefixime. It functions by halting the development of the bacterial protective coating, which is necessary for bacteria to survive in the human body. A live microorganism called lactobacillus helps to correct the balance of beneficial bacteria in the colon that may have been upset by the use of antibiotics or by intestinal illnesses.

Uses of Cefixime 200 mg + Lactic acid Bacillus Dispersible Tablets

Dispersible tablets containing cefixime 200 mg and lactic acid are used to treat a variety of bacterial infections, including gonorrhea (a sexually transmitted disease), pneumonia (a lung infection), bronchitis (an infection of the tubes leading to the lungs), and infections of the ears, throat, stomach, and urinary tract. It functions by halting the development of infection-causing bacteria. Cefixime 200 mg + Lactic Acid Bacillus Dispersible Tablets also help your stomach’s population of beneficial bacteria to normal levels, reducing the likelihood that the antibiotics may cause stomach discomfort. Even when you feel better, it is advised to keep taking it for the full duration of the prescription to ensure that all bacteria are eliminated. If you stop it too soon, the infection can return and be more challenging to cure.


If you have any liver or renal issues, you should let your doctor know before taking this medication. Additionally, let your doctor know if you are taking any medicine for a health issue. Before using it, pregnant or nursing women should also talk to their doctors. In order to avoid extreme dizziness while taking this medication, avoid consuming alcohol. Although it often doesn’t make you unable to drive, you shouldn’t if it causes you to feel sleepy or lightheaded. Avoid using this medication and speak with your doctor if you are known to be allergic to it. For the medication to be most effective over the course of therapy, it is essential that you get enough rest.


200 mg of cefixime plus lactic acid It is recommended to take Bacillus Dispersible Tablets exactly as prescribed by a doctor. It can be taken with or without food, however, in order to maximize effectiveness, it must be taken at a set time. Consume only the suggested amount; exceeding it may have negative consequences on your body. Take the missed dose as soon as you remember it if you miss it. Even if you feel better, you must finish the treatment to guarantee a full recovery.

Cefixime 200 mg + Lactic acid Bacillus Dispersible Tablets’ Side Effects

Cefixime 200 mg + Lactic acid Bacillus Dispersible Tablets may cause adverse reactions including indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain. It is recommended to consume a healthy, balanced diet and get lots of fluids in order to combat any such adverse effects. In the event that any adverse effects worsen, call your doctor right away. You must see a doctor right away if you develop any adverse reaction, including rashes, itching, swelling, shortness of breath, etc.

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Cefixime 200 mg + Lactic acid Bacillus Dispersible Tablets

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